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Car Hire Prices / Vintage Classic Car Hire

Self Drive Classic Car Hire Tariff

Before booking, please ensure that you have read and agree to the Vintage Classics Terms and Conditions

We are unable to accept ‘walks in hires’, i.e. short notice hires, therefore please book at least one week in advance of the hire.

  • Single day hire over weekends are allowed
  • Daily hire periods are for up to 24 hours
  • Flexible hire start times
  • A generous 200 miles per day mileage limit (for your own comfort we wouldn’t recommend more)
  • Picnic baskets provided upon request
  • Our own carefully researched tours and tourist information covering the West Country and the Cotswolds including our popular 5 counties of National Trust property tours and a map if you wish to find your own path
  • Wedding ribbons and bows supplied free of charge
  • Conveniently located close to main transport links and the Wiltshire and Cotswold attractions,see location for details  

It is our policy to ensure that our rates are amongst the most competitive in the UK without affecting our excellent level of service. Please see our Testimonials

Car Hire Rates 1 Day Hire 2 Day Hire 3 Day Hire Additional Per day from 4th Day
Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV £195 £325 £415 £130
Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 £195 £325 £415 £130
Aston Martin DB7 £365 £650 £850 £250
Audi quattro Turbo £200 £350 £500 £150
Austin Healey 3000 £365 £650 £850 £250
BMW 840 (8 Series) £200 £350 £500 £150
Daimler Sovereign £200 £350 £500 £150
Jaguar E-Type £365 £650 £850 £250
Jaguar MKII £275 £425 £575 £180
MGC Roadster £195 £325 £415 £130
Morris Minor Convertible £165 £295 £395 £130
Triumph Stag £195 £325 £415 £130

Deposit Required at time of Booking

To reserve the car of your choice a deposit of only £50 is required, the balance is payable on the day of the hire.

Security Deposit

A security deposit will be required at the time of hire. This will be in the form of a credit or debit card for which we will obtain a pre–authorised code for the surety amount as per rates below. This is a standard feature of many hire contracts and is intended to encourage hirers to have a financial responsibility for our treasured classic vehicles. We reserve the right to increase the security deposit for non-EU drivers and for drivers not satisfying the minimum requirements (subject to referral to our insurers).

Please Note. For non-UK drivers there is an additional £250 Security Deposit to pay.

Security Deposit Amount
Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV £750
Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 £750
Aston Martin DB7 £1000
Audi quattro Turbo £750
BMW 840 (8 Series) £750
Daimler Sovereign £750
Austin Healey 3000 £1000
Jaguar E-Type £1000
Jaguar MKII £750
MGC Roadster £750
Morris Minor Convertible £750
Triumph Stag £750

Driver Requirements

Drivers must be aged 25 to 75 inclusive (minimum age for the Aston Martin DB7 and Audi Quattro is 30), no more than 6 points on their driving licence (for minor offences, e.g. SP30) committed over the previous 5 years and have not had more than 2 claims (fault or non-fault) for accidents or loss during the previous three years. Please refer if the conditions cannot be met or for any serious motoring offence (e.g. BA,CD,DD,DR,TT,UT,XX) at our sole discretion and on application prior to hire we may refer to our insurer for an extension of cover at additional security deposit. Refer to the terms and conditions for full details.

Additional Drivers

The tariffs above are inclusive of fully comprehensive insurance for one driver. Additional drivers can be added for just £25 per person per day

Terms and Conditions

For full details of our terms and conditions including driver requirements please click here

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