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Alfa Spider

The first of these beautiful 105 series Kamm tail 2000 Spider convertibles (or roadsters if you prefer) was introduced in 1970/1 and continued in production until 1978 when the series 3 was introduced. The series 3 lost the chrome and therefore some of the classic looks therefore it is the series 2 or its predecessor which are most coveted by today’s enthusiasts.

When the Spider (Duetto) was first introduced there was a mixed reaction from the motoring press, however the 1967 film The Graduate starring Dustin Hoffman increased its popularity.

The Alfa Romeo Spider, along with a lot of Alfa Romeo models is a car that a lot of people wanted to own but were reluctant to do so due to high depreciation and the dreaded rust. Those that took the plunge seldom regretted the decision as it is a lovely car to drive and admired, the Italians are certainly the masters when it comes to car styling.

The model that Vintage Classics has to offer is a 1972 series 2 Spider often referred to as the Kamm Tail model due to the squared of rear end.

Following a complete body restoration by Alfa Romeo specialist Benalfa Cars the Spider attracts many admiring looks as you drive along hood down with the fresh air blowing through your hair.

A few pumps of the throttle turn the ignition key and the engine springs into life. One of the major attractions of driving a classic car is to be able to hear the engine. The rasp from a 2000 Spider is music to an enthusiast’s ear and just like the GTV, there is no need for a CD player in this car.

Compared to modern cars most classics are quite raw to drive, this is a major attraction to most drivers of classic cars. Modern cars are just down right boring to drive, a classic provides that sense of achievement and excitement. The Alfa is a good balance between classic and modern, the controls have a more modern feel but at the heart it is a true classic car

Although in theory a 2+2 the rear seating is extremely limited and should therefore be regarded as a 2 seater with additional rear luggage space.

Please note the seatbelts are standard, which is, static in the front and nothing in the back.

Prior to the handover, please view the following video which will provide a brief overview of the cars controls:

Alfa Romeo Spider Experience


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